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  • Celtic Heart Knot Pendant

    This heart is a knot woven from a single continuous strand, having no beginning and no end. It symbolizes the eternal Love of God; the Love poured forth from the Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus. It also represents the winding path that leads to His everlasting love. Even if we turn completely away, He leads us back to Him; His Love is unconditional.

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  • Celtic Sailor Knot

    An ancient knot given by Celtic sailors to their loved ones when out at sea for months at a time.  This knot has elements signifying the union of two lives in harmony, friendship, affection and deep love.

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  • Celtic Dragonfly Knot Pendant

    The Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. The change that is often associated with the dragonfly has its source in mental and emotional maturity and is reflected in the dragonfly's ability to make quick decisive changes in its flight pattern.

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  • Seven Sorrows Knot Pendant

    The Seven Sorrows Knot in honour of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows forms a flaming heart pierced by seven swords.  The heart itself is divided into seven external loops, each signifying the wounds inflicted by each of the sorrows.

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  • Celtic Knotsmith Cross

    A new design showcasing the intricate work of knotsmiths of old, woven from a single never ending loop. Celtic Knots have been used as symbols of Faith. The meaning in this knot can be found in the New Testament. “So then, my dear friends, stand firm and steady. Keep busy always in your work for the Lord, since you know that nothing you do in the Lord’s service is ever useless.” - 1 Cor 15:58

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  • Celtic Womanhood Pendant

    Dimensions: 37 x 45 x 6 mm ( 1.45 x 1.78 x 0.25 in) The Womanhood Pendant by The Knotty Celt features the ancient Celtic triple spiral.  Each spiral signifies a stage in a woman's life: Maiden, Mother, Crone.

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  • Celtic Manhood Knot Pendant

    The Celtic Manhood Knot by The Knotty Celt is a modern adaptation of the ancient Celtic knot symbolizing the three stages of a Man’s life: youth, warrior and sage.

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  • Celtic Shamrock Knot Pendant

    The shamrock is widely associated with Irish culture due in large part to its connection with Saint Patrick.Legend holds that Saint Patrick helped pagan Celts to better understand the Holy Trinity using the three petals of the shamrock.  The shamrock also has great significance in Celtic folklore, as the three petals of the shamrock were thought to bring good luck.

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  • The Wedding Thistles Pendant

    Introducing the captivating Wedding Thistles Pendant – a true embodiment of love's intricate dance. This enchanting piece features a central triquetra embraced by two delicately intertwined thistles.

    Inspired by a customer's cherished wedding band, commissioned for a birthday/anniversary gift, the pendant symbolizes the unity of two lives. Hand finished, it captures enduring love.

    Elevate celebrations with this symbol of love, beautifully rendered. From special occasions to everyday wear, it's a timeless testament to unbreakable bonds.

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  • Celtic Cross Knot

    This Cross is made from a single strand.  It is a unique piece full of symbolism rooted in faith.  The double-helix on the limbs of the cross symbolize Christ's humanity, and the fact that there is no beginning and no end symbolizes Christ's divinity in the timeless nature of God, and all knotted together at the centre uniting the two natures of Christ (at once, fully human and fully divine).

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  • Braided Leather Chain

    Braided leather chain

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  • Diamond Cut Rope Chain

    Diamond cut 925 Sterling Silver rope chain.

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