About Us

The Knotty Celt

Ancient tradition meets modern technology for impossible creations.

The Knotty Celt was established by Andrew Brownrigg. He combined his passion for the beauty and complexity of Celtic knots with his adept 3D modelling skills to create knots with deep meaning. With the innovation of the 3D printing industry, he was able to realize his knot patterns in physical form.

Each piece is made by 3D printing a tangible model in casters' wax. The wax model is then used to make a plaster mold. Next, the plaster mold is used to cast the piece from molten metal. This technique allows for some very complex knot patterns to be realized in the physical world. Having been cast as a single piece, also means the knots are truly infinite loops, with no seams - an otherwise impossible feat.

Our Team


Andrew Brownrigg
Sole Proprietor/Designer

Andrew is an Electronics Engineering Technologist, holding a Bachelor of Technology degree from DeVry University in Calgary, Alberta, with over 10 years of combined field experience in the Technical Support, Power Generation, Defence, and Manufacturing industries.


I own two of these pieces (the Celtic Cross and Heart knots). They're intricately designed and I've had many comments on how beautiful they are! I love that there are many options for different metals.... Would make a great gift!

Jill Morrison

These pieces are outstanding! Absolutely lovely pieces!

Denise Maria Teresa

[The Celtic Rain Drop Knot] earrings are absolutely stunning. They are unique, light, and intricate, and can be worn for just about any occasion. The clasps are secure and comfortable too. They would make for an amazing gift!

Ruki Strauss